The first of its kind: a Homemade Ice Cream Club here in Seattle, WA! You totally want in on this. 3 pints a month, unique/seasonal flavors, for 2 months straight, $50 even. Past flavors include

MAY 2017 Flavors:

Malted Milk Chocolate

Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Chunk

Strawberry Pound Cake Swirl

JUNE 2017 Flavors:

Oatmeal Cookie Chunk

Chocolate Brownie Turtle

Lime Curd Cheesecake

JULY 2017 Flavors:

Roasted Apricot Honey

Sugar Cone Peanut Brittle

Death by Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

AUGUST 2017 Flavors:

Peach Pie

Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp

White Raspberry Swirl

SEPTEMBER 2017 Flavors:

Grasshopper Fluff

Back to School Munchies

Bye Summa Mixed Berry Sherbet

OCTOBER 2017 Flavors:

Spiced Apple + Vanilla Caramel + Stroopwafle

Yes, Definitely Pumpkin Cheesecake

Ode to a Homemade Butterfinger

NOVEMBER 2017 Flavors:

Speculoos ‘N Coffee

Walnut E’rrything

Love + Support to Puerto Rico

The November/December wave is currently full. Keep in touch for future waves! Thank you!