OMG! This city loves ice cream! In the last two months, we’ve made and sold just over 1,500 pints of homemade, delicious ice cream! I am so grateful and proud and excited and hopeful. This weekend also markes the first Ice Cream Club pick-up round. The May flavors include Malted Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Pound Cake and Snickerdoodle Chunk.
We are so lucky!

Reach out anytime for details, requests, to say hello! I am always available! 

Step Two: Receive Commercial Ice Cream Maker


My commercial pasteurizer is all set up and Cassidy and I are in the throes of learning how to use it. We’ve named her Adele and will bedazzle her appropriately once I secure my permit. Yesterday, I received my commercial ice cream maker from Italy. We’ve named her Beyonce and she will be fitted with a proper crown and necklace. In this very moment, she is being installed next to Adele. Two powerhouses working side by side to make this world a better place.

This business will be unstoppable soon.

I’m so excited for the part I can play in helping […]

Step One: Assemble Commercial Pasteurizer


My vat pasteurizer was assembled yesterday! What a beast it was to put together, especially for someone like me, someone not very handy at all. Luckily, I have some pretty handy bad ass lady friends who came to my rescue. I’ll use it for the first time tomorrow. I’m going to make seven gallons of my favorite flavor: Cookies N Cream. Once I acquire my ice cream maker, I’ll submit my wholesale application through the Department of Agriculture. Dreams come true, and patience is a virtue.


A most sincere: Thank You!

Dearest friends,

As my GoFundMe comes to a close, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone that supported me. In a little over a month, you donated nearly $12,000 to help me realize my dreams.

Come January 1st, I will resume ice cream production in a commercial kitchen with my new equipment: a vat pasteurizer and larger ice cream maker. I will test recipes and create new flavors. I look forward to my ice cream being more accessible!

We are so close!

Stay tuned! Thank you for everything!

Eater Seattle Roots for Sweet Lo!

When you make it on Eater Seattle, you know you’re going places! Thanks for the love!

I’m a little over two weeks into my crowdfunding campaign, and I’ve reached close to $9,500. To those that have donated, thank you with my whole heart. If you’d like to donate, there is still time.

This is it! All my love!

Sweet Lo